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Why is Having an eBook Cover Design Important?

A book or software that is delivered digitally on the internet does not come in a printed hard copy format or in a box. Many potential customers will have difficulty visualizing what they will be getting when they buy your product without a detailed description or graphic representation.

A high quality ebook cover design will help your customer visualize what they are considering buying. This graphic representation of your product has proven time and time again to increase sales and increase the overall professional image of your website.

Ask yourself: Would you be more inclined to buy a product from a sales page with just plain text, or a sales page that had a professional colorful ebook cover design? A high quality ebook cover design gives the product you are selling a sense of value and creates a good impression with your potential customers.


Actual Case Study about Displaying Book Covers

According to the Wall Street Journal, the large book store chain Borders tested merchandising more books with the covers of the books facing-out and sales increased 19%.

The point of this is strategy is simple and obvious; a book cover rather than a bookend, and an ebook cover design rather than plain text are much more eye-catching and appealing to potential customers.

Satisfied Customers

“My ecovers Stopped the Eye of People Looking Down The List of Books on”

I have used Derek Chiodo to design the three books of my Annihilation Series. I didn’t do alot of marketing but the books began selling immediately. My ecovers stopped the eye of people looking down the list of books on Amazon.

It is his covers that accounts for a large part of the series success. How successful? At this time, the book is now the number one best seller on Amazon’s Science Fiction Series best seller list. The other two books are ranked six and eight on the list with all three in the top ten bestsellers.

Derek does an outstanding job and I would recommend him to anyone needing an ecover design artist.

- Saxon Andrews
Annihilation Series Sci-Fi Author


“I have finally found someone that
over-delivers – I’m here for life!”

“Finding a web and graphic designer you can count on is one of the hardest parts of having an online business. For 2 years I tried one designer after another for my website, video and graphicneeds and I always ended up disappointed – either the quality was poor or the designer would flake out and disappear and need constant monitoring – Then I found ecovermakers and 5 websites, 4squeeze page videos and countless graphics later – I have finally found someone that over-delivers – I’m here for life!

If you want to go to sleep at night knowing that your deadlines will all be met with high quality results, you need to use ecovermakers.”

- Kristen Howe -The ‘Go Big’ Coach


“I recommend Derek’s services to everyone selling digital products online”

eCover Makers was one of the best marketing decisions I ever made. My monthly sales increased after using the 3D ecover design Derek did for

my instructional golf ebooks. I recommend Derek’s services to everyone selling digital products online.

-Adam Kolloff

Don’t Struggle and Waste Time with eBook Cover Software Generators

Yes, there are programs out there that claim they can create a professional ebook cover design in minutes. However, the reality is that unless you have experience in graphic design, using a computer, and graphic software, the results will be a far cry from what you would get from a professional ebook cover designer who does it for a living.

The importance of a professionally designed ebook cover design cannot be overstated, having a poor quality one can be worse than not having one at all.

Your Product Type

Whether you’re selling:

  • Software
  • Newsletter
  • Spreadsheet
  • eBook
  • eZine
  • Any Service
  • Subscription Site
  • Information Product
  • Web-based Service
  • Audio / Video Product


or anything else that is intangible or delivered over the Internet. Increase your sales by giving your product a professional image and realized value.

Fiction or Non-Fiction Book Covers & Product Covers

Whether your book is fiction, non-fiction, or a product, we can help with the cover design. After you order, you are emailed a short questionnaire that asks details about your book or product (author name, title, topic, if you want any specific colors used) which helps us design your cover. You will receive your first design 2-3 business days after your order. Then, just let us know if you want any changes and we will make them for free. You get unlimited revisions until satisfied.

What Will I Receive with My Order?

To help you present your product as professionally as possible, here is what you will receive when you order your ebook cover:

1) Professional Consultation

We don’t leave you out in the cold and arbitrarily come up with designs that may or may not fit your needs. After you order, we consult with you by email and phone to understand your needs and listen to any ideas you would like us to incorporate in your cover. Our ebook cover designer is with you every step of the way.

2) eBook Cover Design

The flagship of your project. With unlimited design revisions to assure your satisfaction, we will design you a high-resolution 300DPI ebook cover. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

3) Cover Page

Once a customer has purchased your product, you don’t want their anticipation of the first look to dissipate into regret over their purchase. The professional and matching cover page helps reassure them that they made a wise choice. Add this cover page to your interior pages (usually the first page of your ebook) and let it be the first thing customers see. Don’t give them a plain boring text title page. Give them a good first impression.

4) Matching Website Header

We don’t stop at the creation of your eBook cover. After, you’ll want your product up and selling on the internet as quickly as possible. To help this process and relieve you of having to create one yourself or make an additional purchase, you’ll also receive a custom website banner you can display across the top of your sales page that will add a professional theme look.

5) Matching Buy-Now Button

At some point in your sales letter you’ll be asking your visitor to make a purchase, which is why we also include a custom ‘buy now’ button enticing visitors to click and buy. Its design is not to be taken lightly. Your button will display your product with credit card logos and a call to action.

Example Graphics

Click the image below to see an example of the different images you’ll receive with your order:

View our portfolio for more ebook covers we have designed for our clients.

Amazon Kindle Cover, Barnes & Noble Nook Cover, Ipad Apple Store Cover, and More.

Do you need a cover formatted for one of these online stores? No problem, when you order your ebook cover today, you will also receive your cover in the specific format and size requirements that these outlets require for your book to be online. Just let us know which outlet you need and we will email it to you for free.

“Derek and eCover Makers has delivered
outstanding graphics and websites.”

Derek and eCover Makers has delivered outstanding graphics and websites. I have used them over and over again and always receive great work. They helped us create a professional online presence that is second to none. All work is delivered on time if not early.

- Mark Patrick


“I trust Derek with everything and
he has never let me down.”

I hoped this day would never come. One of my biggest fears is that the world would find out about my secret weapon Derek & eCover Makers. When it comes to website design and construction he is one of the best and most dedicated people I have ever worked with. I trust Derek with everything and he has never let me down. I would highly encourage you to pick Derek.

- Lance Hood

There’s More….

We also include the following products free of charge when you order your professional ebook cover design today.

6) eBook Writer

This ebook writer software comes with a built-in word processor and PDF Converter that makes creating eBooks easy with a just a few clicks. You can also style / format text and secure your ebook by adding a password to it.

7) Opt In Graphics

Having a customer list is one of the most important things you must have to succeed on the Internet. We include 15 free opt-in graphics that will grab your visitor’s attention and get them to sign up to your mailing list. Include them on your landing page or mini site and you’re ready to go.

8) Mini Site Graphics

A collection of high-quality 1,009 mini site graphics that will spice up your minisite design or landing page. Includes order buttons, credit card icons, social media icons, guarantee seals, and more.

You may also be interested in our minisite design service where we custom design your site and set up the secure ordering process for you. This service also includes our professional ebook cover design service.

9) Landing Page Templates

Two landing page templates that work for almost any product or project. With these easy-to-use pages you just replace the text with your own headline and opt-in box for a professional landing page that will capture your visitor’s information.

What if I Don’t Like My eBook Cover?

You will receive unlimited revisions for your ebook cover design until you are satisfied. Save time and money, focus on your business and what you do best. Leave the graphic design to us. Get started today.

After you order, our ebook cover designers spend time with you to see if you have any requirements for your eCover (colors, names, etc.) and then get to work developing it. We use high-resolution graphics on our eCovers that we purchase a license for.

Get Your New Professional eCover Design Today.
Unlimited Revisions, Only $97.00.

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After you place your order, we will contact you to discuss your ebook cover design. You may also call us with any questions or concerns at 1-800-975-7953. Support: